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2013 left behind and looking forward to 2014 blessings

 Mission Statement
To save one child at a time providing a safe environment
 Vision Statement
We are a fully functional non-profit organization creating stability for neglected children while providing a strong foundationloving family atmosphere, educational opportunities, and hope for a future.

Welcome to CRI Ministries-Nicaragua. As CRI Ministries, we work together with a community and its families to establish educational and growth opportunities.  Our goal is prevention and restoration. We desire breathe inspiration of hope into their young lives so that one day, they may go and do the same. This is a forgotten people group in Nicaragua. 

Their hearts cry out for Hope! Will we listen? Listen as this lost generation cry silently for Love and Hope that brings restoration and healing, inspiring them to go and share with others the beautiful gift of compassion. 
 We offer our humble thanks to our faithful One who is watching over Casa CRI and purpose for them. 
Thanks to all of you who heard his call to help.

CRI Ministries "Casa CRI - A House of Hope" from Carson Hunt on Vimeo.

Casa CRI is a home in Managua, Nicaragua that cares for abandoned young girls. This is their story. For more information, visit criministries.org.

Shot with a Canon 7D and an HFS10.

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